Publisher Frequently Asked Questions!

faq tick markWhat is Zhakkas Publisher & Does it cost anything to join?
      Zhakkas Publisher is an AdsNetwork where you can join and start earning by placing our ads into your Website/Blog.
      It's completely free. You do not have to pay anything to join.

faq tick markWhat Type of Ads Do You Provide?
       We provide variety type of ads in different formats.
       Type of ads are: Display Ads,Text Ads,Video Ads,Mobile Ads,Pop-Up/Pop-Under,Etc.

faq tick markHow Many Ads I Can Put On A Page?
       You can place maximum 4 unit of ads in one page.

faq tick markIs The Reporting Real-time?
       Yes, the reports are updated in real-time with one hour delay.

faq tick markHow Can I Make More Money/Increase My eCPM?
       In order to maximize your earning or increase ecpm. Make sure that our ads are place "Above the Fold" of the website, so that it can increase CTR (Click-Through-Rate).
       Example: The more quality and unique clicks are made on our ads the more ecpm will grow and our system will betterly optimize your account.

faq tick markCan I Use Multiple Accounts For Different Domain?
       No, you cannot use multiple accounts for different domains, infact you can use the same existing account. You just need to login to your account and submit your new website.

faq tick markIs There Any Restrictions In Promoting?
       We adhere a strict rule for publishers promoting our ads in the following sites, if we found that your account is violating our rules than your account will be suspended permanently and earnings will be blocked.

       No Drugs Related Sites
       No Gambling/Hacking Sites
       No Incentive Sites
       No Paid To Click Sites
       No Adult Sites
       No CAN-Spam

faq tick markWhen Payments Are Made?
       We pay our publishers on NET 10 days basis. Example: Jan earning will be paid on 10th of Feb, but minimum balance should be $100 orelse it will carry forward for the next month.

faq tick markWhat Is The Minimum Payout?
       The minimum payout is $100.

faq tick markHow Payments Are Made?
       Payments are made through Paypal, Neteller, Payoneer & Wire Transfer.

faq tick markStill Have Questions?
       For further details visit our Help Center:


Advertiser Frequently Asked Questions!

faq tick markWhat Is Zhakkas Advertising?
       Zhakkas Advertising platform gives your Firm/Company the opportunity to expand/grow your business world wide with little amount of money.
       The main goal of advertising with Zhakkas is that you can reach to the specific audience that your ad deals with.

faq tick markWhat are the sizes available of ads for advertisng?
       The sizes available for advertising are as follows:
        a) Display Ads: 728x90,468x60, 300x250, 160x600 & 120x600
        b) Text Ads: All Sizes
        c) Mobile Ads: 300x50 & 320x50
        d) Video Ads: Duration maximum 60 secs in format (.avi & .mp4) file.
        d) Pop Ads: Pop-Up Ads & Pop-Under Ads

faq tick markWhat are targeting options?
       We provide various targeting options to advertiser for displaying their ads to the right audience.

        a) Keyword Targeting
        b) Category Targeting
        c) Country Targeting
        d) Device Targeting
        e) Age Targeting
        f) Gender Targeting

faq tick markHow do I create an Ad?
       Creating an ad in our platform is very simple, within few simple steps your ads will go live.

faq tick markHow long does it take to approve new ads?
       Once you have created an ad it will take maximum 24 hours for approval.

faq tick markWhere can I see my reports?
       You will be provided with graphs and tabular displays which can be found on the main screen of your account. There you can analyze the performance of your ads.

faq tick markHow do I make a payment for my campaign?
       We provide various payment options for advertiser to pay.
      Payment options are: PayPal, Credit Card, Debit Card & Net Banking.

faq tick markWhat is the minimum amount required to start a campaign?
       To start a campaign at Zhakkas you just need to pay as little as $10.

faq tick markHow I am billed for my campaign?
       We provide two types of advertising model i.e. CPC (Cost-Per-Click) & CPM (Cost-Per-1000 Impression).
       CPC: Charge you for per click made on your ad.
       CPM: Charge you for 1000 impressions delivered for your ad

faq tick markStill Have Questions?
       For further details visit our HelpCenter:

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